About Us

We continue to work towards our vision;

A generation of Montessori-inspired children educated with the creativity, skills, and values required to secure the future of our planet.



We aim to expand access to Montessori so that every child has the means to fully develop their potential and the capacity to thrive in a changing world through:

  • Expansion of grassroots innovations and approaches in Montessori delivery.
  • Providing and assuring high-quality Montessori training and continuing education.
  • Increasing awareness and equitable access to Montessori to expand quality education.
  • Promoting Montessori values.
  • Building the evidence base for Montessori through research, grants and the broad dissemination of learnings.
  • Using our convening power to build partnerships and amplify our messages.

Our Work

  • We provide high-quality Montessori STAR training and educational services across the globe, empowering practitioners to make  difference to their own lives, and the lives of others.
  • We offer exceptional quality assurance, using our tried and tested STAR framework.
  • We champion innovative Montessori inspired, child-centred practice. We share our learning to raise awareness of what works and to promote equitable access to a child-centred education.
  • We build the research and evidence base for Montessori as a best-fit educational frame for communities, educators and individuals.